Slavo Kizak
Krav Maga (4th Black belt)
Judo (6th Black Belt)
Kaizen-Do karate (6th Black belt (Shihan))
Taekwondo (1st Black Belt)

Slavomír Kizák

Slavomír Kizák started his martial art journey at the age of eight with karate. Later he continued by training taekwondo, thai box, Kaizen-Do karate, judo and Krav Maga. Overall he is holder of 14 different certificates across these martial arts, which he attained under various masters (eg. Soke Tony Morrison, Eric San Jose).
These days on top of working as IBA (International Bodyguard Association) certified bodyguard, he is teaching Krav Maga and facilitates special courses under the banner of Mirage Academy which he is founder of.
Besides martial arts skills, he share his experiences gained while being at the 22nd airborne brigade and during six year that he worked as police officer. 
His teaching is dedicated as to general public of all ages, so to different professionals (body guards, law enforcement officers) and special interest groups (handicapped, social workers).
Milos Smejkal Jr.
Krav Maga (3rd Black belt)

Miloš Šmejkal Jr.

Michal Krchnavy
Krav Maga (1st Black belt)
Kick Box

Michal Krchnavý

Michal Krchnavý is the main instructor in Modra. Thanks to his experience with powerlifting, box and kickbox, his trainings are full of energy and there is always something new to look forward to. Currently except training Krav Maga he also serves as an active police officer.
Tomas Peter
Krav Maga (2nd Black belt)

Tomáš Peter

Tomáš Peter is an active police officer and former Karate practitioner. Therefore it should be of no surprise that he excels in techniques involving non-fatal takedowns, different hooks and grabs. Also he has great knowledge about the little dirty tricks of the streets.

Jan Docekal
Krav Maga (1st Black belt)


Ján Dočekal

Ján Dočekal brings to our team a lot from his boxing and kickboxing practice. He is known not only as a fierce fighter but also as a joyful person, making him well-liked including among his small students.
Jan Knizek
Krav Maga (1st Black Belt)

Ján Knížek

As a professional firefighter Ján Knížek knows how to handle stressful situations while helping others. His great attitude, patience and deliberation is a gift for all of us and is passed down to his young students including two of his own.

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